Under the previous regime, NAWEC faced a lot of challenges and incurred lots of debts. We are told by the current management that they inherited old machines which are difficult to manage; that the demand for electricity far exceeds what NAWEC can supply; that only two generators are currently in operation and there are no reserves generators. As a consequence, we now face rampant power outages resulting to the disruption of lots of economic activities. Many women who were engaged in the sale of cold drinks such as ‘wonjo,’ are now out of business; welders who rely on electricity, cannot complete their contracts on time; various enterprises that rely on electricity are under producing and realizing loss of vital income. We can go on and on. The reality is that electricity being an energy source, is vital in moving the economy and when it is grossly inadequate, it has serious economic consequences for a developing nation like ours.

The earlier there is a solution, the better. NAWEC has indicated that it is engaged in rehabilitation work; that it has short and long term solutions. We’ve been promised that in the short term, we will realise significant improvement in the supply of electricity and consequently water. Gambians are waiting to see this happen.

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