By Yankuba Jallow

Voting in Serrekunda West Constituency commenced at 8:00 and proceeded without hitches but the start showed a low turnout.

In the presence of party agents, observers and the media, the officials from the independent Electoral Commission followed all the electoral procedures such as the opening and sealing of ballot boxes.

At the Dippa Kunda polling station earlier in the morning, the election formalities were conducted before 8am and voting commenced at 8am prompt.

All party agents expressed satisfaction with the process of the election describing it as fair and transparent.

It was observed that the police and officers of the Gambia Fire and Rescue Services were present at all polling stations.

It was also observed that women formed the majority as party agents in the local government elections. All candidates were equally represented by party agents except in Manjai Ward where the GPDP candidates were not represented at two polling stations.

It was also observed that each voter before being issued with a token to vote must pass through verification by both agents and officials of Electoral Body.

Nineteen candidates are contesting the 5 wards in the Serrekunda West Constituency. PDOIS has 3 candidates, UDP and APRC 5 each, GPDP 1 and PPP 2. There are 3 Independent Candidates in this constituency.

The elections shall end at 5pm which shall be followed by counting the spot.

Low voter turnout characterised polling in the morning. From 8am to 2pm the turnout was far from impressive. Manjai/Kotu Ward alone has 10380 registered voters. Election officials and agents for the candidates were seen relaxed whilst some even had napped due to the poor voter turnout.

Election observers who were on a tour of the entire KMC, told Foroyaa that the turnout compared to the National Assembly and Presidential Elections, is low.

Foroyaa will continue to monitor the election to continue to update the masses.

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