The President of the ECOWAS Court, Honourable Justice Edward Asante, has challenged staff to work with the new judges in charting a new path for the Court that is driven by professionalism, accountability and excellence.

“We are irrevocably committed to charting a new part that will place the Court on a higher pedestal in order to bequeath a legacy of performance and effectiveness that enriches its jurisprudence,” he said while opening the Court’s 10th judicial retreat in Goshen near Abuja.

He emphasized the need for synergy and urged the staff to strive towards rendering quality services to the judges through the display of excellence, accountability, and professionalism to enable the Court dispense justice efficiently for the benefit of Community citizens.

The President reiterated the commitment of the judges, who assumed duty on 27th August 2018, to drive the implementation of improved processes in the Court that will promote efficiency and effectiveness of the Court and improve its capacity to meet the expectations of its stakeholders.

The Court also expressed optimism about the potential impact of the planned deployment of a digital case management system and the launch of the Court’s new website, which were presented during the preceding 7th retreat of the judges at the same venue. The case management system has features to allow the online filing of cases by parties while the web site will improve access to the Court and its visibility.

The Chief Registrar of the Court, Mr. Tony Anene-Maidoh, presented the objective of the retreat which is basically to apprise the new judges and their Executive Assistants to the jurisprudence of the Court for the 14 years covered in the theme. He added that the retreat will ensure a clearer understanding of the jurisprudence of the Court and its judicial mandate.

The Chief Registrar said the presentations will be made under six sub-themes namely Access to Court, Jurisdiction of the Court, Human Rights Mandate of the Court, the Community Legal Order, Practices and Procedure, and Enforcement of Judgment of the Court/External Relations.

Participants are expected to exchange views on issues relating to the selected topics, and proffer ways of improving the effectiveness of the Court for the benefit of the Community citizens. The four day retreat is on the theme The Jurisprudence of the Court of Justice: From 2004 to 2018.

The new judges include its President, Honourable Justice Edward Amoako Asante (Ghana), the Vice President, Honourable Justice Gberi-Be Ouattara (Cote d’Ivoire), both of which were elected for a two year term. Also in attendance are Honourable Justices Dupe Atoki (Nigeria), Keikura Bangura (Sierra Leone); and Januaria Silva Moreira Costa (Cabo


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