An incident occurred in Sibanor which shocked the Gambian security forces and some representatives of the people in the area. The rough and forceful handling of Sheriff Jobe by uniformed military personnel was so inhumane that Gambian security men and other Gambian officials had to raise the alarm.

Foroyaa was called upon to conduct investigation to find out which uniformed men were behind the incident. The state intelligence agency should conduct immediate investigation into this matter and report their findings to the President.

Those who perpetrated this act should be traced. They are not promoting civil military relations and are tarnishing the name of ECOMIG. ECOMIG should become transparent and explain to the Gambian authorities in particular and the population at large whether its forces are mandated to arrest and roughly and forcefully handle Gambian civilians. It is also important that the Gambian government tells the Gambian people who was behind the incident in Sibanor. Foroyaa will conduct exclusive interviews with key authorities to get to the heart of the matter.

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