Thursday, July 18, 2019

Drivers Arrested in Connection with Fares Reduction


By Nelson Manneh

This medium has been reliably informed that some drivers were arrested along the Tipper Garage area and in Bansang, in connection with transport fare reduction.

An eye witness told this reporter that on his way to work, he saw Police Intervention Unit (PIU) personnel at Tipper garage, armed with their tear gas; that he also saw their truck loaded with some people alleged to be drivers and apprentices from Tipper garage.

He said he did not know where these arrestees were taken to but could testify that arrests were made.

From Bansang information reached ‘Foroyaa’ that two people were arrested including the garage chief.

This reporter contacted the Police Relation Officer (PRO) Inspector Foday Conter, who said he was not aware of the arrest; that there were people on the ground to control the situation and they are here for the public’s interest.

“I am not yet aware of any arrest as at now but I know that the officers will only do so if necessary. All I know is that the drivers have a sit down demonstration,” Inspector told this medium.

Inspector Conter further added that if it is necessary for the officers on the ground to arrest they will do so. He urges the public to comply with them as they are there for their safety; that some of the people who are making noise on the highway are not drivers; that most of them are apprentices and they are without license and anybody who does this, breaks the law.

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