Saturday, July 20, 2019

Dramatic Scene at Banjul High Court


By Yankuba Jallow

A dramatic scene happened at the high court in Banjul on Monday, when families of the defendants clashed with the family members of the complainants, moments after the adjournment of the case.

The incident happened few metres from the High Court main gate and in the presence of the PIU forces, who were there to secure the premises of the court.

At some distance from the High Court provocative words and insults were used. The provocations grew into physical attacks causing pandemonium in close proximity to the court premises. There were exchanges of blows among some of them and all this happened as the PIU force sent to secure the court premises, looked on.  The pandemonium drew the attention of people to the scene as some intervened to calm the situation. The National Assembly Member for Banjul North, Ousman Sillah, whose office is close by, rushed to the scene to speak to both parties and calm the situation to avert further chaos. As the family members of the accused persons entered their cars, the other party could be seen hissing at them and calling them names.

The complainants’ family members often gather opposite the court premises to boo the accused persons and their family members every time the trial of the ‘NIA 9’ takes place.

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