By Kebba Jeffang

Barely two days after the National Convention of the Coalition was held, Dr. Isatou Touray, the Independent presidential aspirant,Dr Isatou Touray who was neither there nor represented at the occasion, claims that she has been sidelined, marginalised and discriminated in the coalition building process.

She made this statement at a press conference held in her office at Brusubi, West Coast Region.

“It was unfair and undemocratic that I was being marginalised for being part of this process because I have attended, participated and given all it takes to make it happen, but there was a deliberate attempt and effort for me to be completely excluded despite all the efforts that were done,” she said.

She also accused her colleagues of keeping her in dark by not giving her information regarding the issue of funding of the convention.

“There was no transparency and I did not know and I was waiting to receive documentation from Ramzia and those who attended to ensure that we are able to see where we can put our inputs to be able to facilitate the process. This is not why I am out but I want the Gambia that will promote all the fundamentals of democracy in the country but not what has happened now. If we are going to start with this it is a non-starter because we want to change things in the positive direction,” she said.

Reacting to a question on whether she will be coming back, she said “I cannot make any decision at the moment. I have to go back to the people, discuss with them; the consultation process is going on and the options are open; let’s see how it moves on from now.”

However, she said she could not disclose what those options are and how she will meet the people, adding that the media will be informed when the time comes.

Amie Bojang Sissoho, the campaign manager of the Independent aspirant said they were not also told where the venue of the convention would be and which made it impossible for them to contact their people regarding the arrangements that were put in place. She said they were only able to lay their hands on the said document when Madam Jallow Tambajang brought it to them in their office on the day after the convention (Monday, 31st October, 2016).




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