It is important for human rights defenders to do a study to find out the state of mental and physical health of those who are released from long detention without trial. The lack of privacy, the isolation, the loneliness, the poor diet, the discomfort, the uncertainty, the lack of physical exercise, the fear of the unknown outcome of one’s detention add up to threaten the mental and physical health of the detainee. A human being develops a human heart through role playing. This is absolutely necessary when one has the power to decide on matters of life and death; liberty or captivity. A person in a position of leadership is only fit to lead if one could put oneself in the shoes of the people he or she leads in order to determine whether justice is being done to them or not. To incarcerate an innocent person is to subject him or her to cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. To frustrate an innocent person through long detention until he or she dies of hypertension or stroke is to commit murder by other means. The executive should be a protector of the citizenry. A leader does not absolve himself or herself when torture is being done in the institutions he controls by simply looking at the other direction. Incarceration is a half way house to the grave. It is unjust to subject a human being to such torment without charging him or her or subjecting him or her to trial.]]>

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