Many of our readers are alarmed by the number of judges who bade
farewell to their peers in the bar and the bench and have questioned
whether there are no shortages of judges.According to Section 125 of the Constitution “the Supreme Court of The
Gambia shall be constituted by an uneven number of not less than five
judges of the court.”
Who are the Supreme Court judges? Look for the answers in the next issue?
The next court in the hierarchy of courts is the Court of Appeal.
According to Section 129, “The court of appeal shall consist of the
President of the Court of Appeal and not less than three judges of the
court.” Who are the judges of the Court of Appeal?
The next is the High Court. The High Court consists of the Chief
Justice and not less than seven other judges of the High Court.
Foroyaa will do the head count to find out whether all the courts are
fully constituted to avoid delay in the dispensation of justice.
“Justice delayed is justice denied”.

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