Friday, July 19, 2019

District Tribunal Adjourns David Michael Gomez’ Land Dispute Case


By Louise Jobe

The Kombo South District Tribunal has adjourned the case of David Michael Gomez till Wednesday, July 26 2017, for hearing.

This case that is brought before the Kombo South District Tribunal, pertains to a report Mr. Gomez took to the Ministry of Local Government in respect of the destruction of several cashew trees on his land at Sandalli village, by the Kombo Real Estate Group. The case has already suffered setbacks on two occasions during which time, no court proceedings took place.

When the case was called at the hearing of the 19th day of July at the district tribunal, the court clerk, Sulayman Bah, hastily announced that the matter was adjourned until Wednesday, the 26th day of July 2017 for hearing, because the District Chief was absent from the Tribunal and the tribunal trial judge, Ba Jerreh Demba, was not in a position to listen to the matter.

For the benefit of the readership, this matter is a Land dispute between the Gomez Kunda family of Sandalli village and the Manneh family of Gunjur who both claim ownership of the land.

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