Sunday, July 21, 2019

Distribution Of Chinese Donated Rice Begins


Abdoulai G. Dibba

Chinese Donated Rice

The distribution of the donated rice from the People’s Republic of Chinese to the Government of the Gambia, has commenced in most regions except the North Bank.

Information gathered from the quarters of the Governor of North Bank Region has it that their consignment arrived during the weekend and are waiting for mobility to transport the rice to the respective distribution points within the Region.

Governor Ebrima SK Dampha confirmed the information that their consignment was received during the weekend but was quick to add that all the ground work has been done and they are waiting for a truck from the National Disaster Management Agency, for the onward distribution of the rice, to the respective districts in the region.

“We received 4,000 bags of rice and the ground work has already been done. Once we receive the truck, we will transport the rice for onward distribution,” said Governor Dampha. “The arrangement is that we will get the truck from the NDMA and we will do the fuelling,” he said.

On the contrary, distribution is ongoing in the Upper River, Central River and Lower River Regions.

Readers will recall that the Coordinator of the taskforce responsible for the distribution of the rice, Musa Sonko, explained the modality of the distribution of the donated rice at the regions; that the donated rice for every region, will be divided by the number of the people in the region and that in some regions, it may be one and a half kilogram of rice per person. The Coordinator went further to explain that the amount may be more in some regions or less, depending on the number of people in the region.

Foroyaa will monitor the distribution of the rice to find out whether modality is followed and respected or abandoned.

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