By Mustapha Jallow

Mrs. Masireh Jammeh, a native of Kanilai who was arrested since July 15th, 2005 is believed to have been summarily executed by the security forces of former president Jammeh, a source told this reporter during a visit to Kanilai on Sunday, 30th April, 2017.

The source further disclosed that most of the residents in Kanilai including the present Alkalo of the village, are fully aware of the arrest of their sister, Masireh, but they were threatened by some military officers not to reveal anything that relates to her.

‘‘As I’m speaking to you now, even the Alkalo of Kanilai and some elders are quite aware of the arrest and disappearance of Mrs. Jammeh,’’ the source disclosed.

The brother of Masireh Jammeh, Mr. Ebou Jammeh, explained that he was aware that his sister was picked up but since then he does not know where she was taken or held captive.



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