Saturday, July 20, 2019

Did People Listen To What President Barrow Say?


8 March is International Women’s Day. It is strange that the celebration in Soma which was graced by many state officials such as government ministers, national assembly members and other holders of public office was reported to be organized by the women of LRR and the Barrow Youth Movement.

Many people would have thought such an activity would not take place during the campaign period and when it does, those who participate will not wear party colours to identify themselves with a party.

However, the speech of the president needs to be listened to and analysed by opinion leaders in the media. It would have been best for the president not to take part in such gatherings during an election campaign period. That would be the best way of demonstrating neutrality.

Foroyaa will publish President Barrow’s speech verbatim and analyse its content in order to assess whether neutrality was sacrificed or not.

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