By Lamin Fatty, URR Correspondent

Foroyaa has gathered that dialogue has taken place between the parties to a scuffle in Sandu Diabugu following a meeting at the Basse Police Station.

The scuffle led to an assault charge against five people who were schedule to appear before court on Wednesday. Reports have it that agreement has been reached which will see an assault charge on five ‘freeborn’ against the slaves settled out of court.

The five were charged with two counts of common assault and incitement of violence by the police regarding the scuffles that erupted when the ‘freeborn’ allegedly tried to stop the ‘slaves’ from observing Friday prayers last week based on their social status in the community.

Muhammad Drammeh, speaking on behalf of the nobles said the elders from both sides held talks with the Station Officer of Diabugu Police Station Inspector, Kumbi Sarjo when they eventually came to terms that case will be resolved by civil engagement.

He said they discussed and agreed that both sides will maintain peace in the community.

However, Drammeh informs that they are still maintaining two of the previous conditions as reported by this medium earlier.

According to him, one of these conditions will see One Papa Sey permanently leaving the community due to his influential role in the saga. Sey is said to have lived in the village for a long time but he did not originally hailed from there.

Secondly, Drammeh continued that they are still maintaining that slaves will not enter in the main mosque for prayers.

He said these conditions were agreed by both sides including the slaves in order to maintain peace.

However, Gaindeh Jallow who comes from ‘slave’ section denied signing any agreement on behalf of his side at the said meeting though he confirmed his attendance.

He said they did not agree to resolve the matter out of court as they are ready to proceed with the case to seek justice for their members who were allegedly assaulted.

Jallow also said they will be using the mosque situated in their area to observe their five-daily prayers and they will leave the village to observe Friday prayers elsewhere in the interest of peace.

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