detention without trial for 65 days. Other cases are pending. Such detentions are in gross violation of the constitution and the fact that they are exposed by Foroyaa leaves no excuse for authorities to claim that they are not aware. It is evident that when authorities who could do something to stop abuse persist in ignoring the abuse, the culture of impunity will take root. That amounts to bad governance. The media however cannot be silent on violation of rights and the trampling of freedom underfoot. Section 207 subsection 3 of the Constitution states : The Press and other information media shall at all times, be free to uphold the principles, provisions and objectives of this constitution, and the responsibility and accountability of the Government to the people of The Gambia. To detain a person for more than 72 hours without taking the person to court or releasing him/her is unconstitutional. To persist in doing so amounts to impunity.    ]]>

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