Saturday, July 20, 2019

Detained Lieutenant Transferred


By Mustapha Jallow

Lieutenant Abdoulie Jarju, a serving member of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF), who was detained for nearly three months at the Guards Battalion in Fajara, has been transferred to another detention centre on Tuesday, 12th September 2017, around midday, military sources indicated to this medium. According to sources close to the detainee, Lt. Jarju was picked up from his detention cell by senior military police officers, who led him into a vehicle and escorted him to Yundum Barracks to continue his detention. The source continued that others like LCpl. Sambujang Bojang are still held at the Fajara Barracks and no concrete information has been received from the authorities regarding the reason for their detention.

The source further disclosed that a senior military officer at the Fajara Barracks ordered the transfer of the officer from Yundum barracks because the family dishes him food which some officers are not happy with; that this resulted to his transfer to another detention centre. The source however said that access is still granted to family members of the detained soldiers, for timely visits to their loved ones.

It could be recalled that Lt. Jarju was part of the five men who were arrested in July 2017 and accused of being part of a ‘WhatsApp’group scandal. Since then, they have neither appeared in any court nor been released, thus violating Section 19 of the Constitution of Republic of The Gambia.

The men are Lieutenant Abdoulie Jarju, Staff Sergeant Baboucarr alias ‘Nyakareh’ Sanneh, Lance Corporal Sambujang Bojang, Corporal Lamin Nyassi and Staff Sergeant Mbemba Camara. SStg. Camara was later moved to Yundum Barracks and recently Lt. Jarju has also been moved there to continue their detentions.

It was revealed that Staff Sergeant Yorro Jatta and SStg. Sanneh were the first officers who have been arrested and interrogated by the MPs (Military Police) but later SSgt. Yorro Jatta managed to escape to flee the country.

A military spokesperson, Major Lamin K. Sanyang said he was not aware of the move but promised to find out and get back to this medium.

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