By Mustapha Jallow Essa Bojang and Fatou Sonko, the husband and wife from Mbankam Village in the Lower Nuimi District of the North Bank Essa Bojang  Fatou SonkoRegion (NBR), who were detained incommunicado since 1 January 2015, are finally released and have reunited with their families. They are among the many detained relatives of people alleged to be involved in the 30 insurgency who were released by the president. The couple is the biological parents of Dawda Bojang, a former soldier of the Gambia National Army (GNA), who was initially reported dead as one of the 30 December 2014 insurgents but later said to have fled to Germany. Until their release, the two were said to be held without charge or trial at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) headquarters in Banjul where they were denied access to family members. A close family source told Foroyaa that they welcome the release of their loved ones. He said the couple had spent the night after their release with relatives at Yundum before returning to their family compound in Mbankam.]]>

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