Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Deputies Deliberate During Adjournment Debate


By Yankuba Jallow

Many at the National Assembly have contributed to the recently concluded adjournment debate for the 2018 Legislative Year.

Speaking at the gathering, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Alhajie Momodou L.K. Sanneh said since Government was able to restore the freedom that all Gambians have been yearning for, there should be Constitutional amendments in the Electoral Laws to mandate Gambians in the diaspora vote in National Elections.

“The planners of the country have not done justice in their role. Looking at West Field, Churchills Town and other areas, the conditions can be described as terrible. Government planners have to do something about this and should make sure that physical planning should be effectively doing their role”, he said.

On the issue of Mile II Central Prisons, the Deputy Speaker said the conditions at the remand wing of the Prisons is problematic because of congestion; that Government needs to look into the issue of agriculture because it is the backbone of the country. “We want to see a secure Gambia”, he said.

The Member for Kantora Billay G. Tunkara in his deliberation, he said in his Constituency, there is a problem of road inaccessibility and shortage of water; that government needs to look into the issue of migrants critically, noting that Europe was built by migrants.

Saikou Marong, the Member for Latrikunda Constituency said the President as well as any other individual has right to form a foundation (association). “The President has the right to create any office including the office of the vice president’’, he said; that there are some areas in Abuko that do not have access to clean water and electricity.

The Member for Busumbala Saikouba Jarju said the prices of basic commodities during the Ramadan is usually unreasonably high. He called on the people to remain patient with Government; that they have only one year in office and thanked the President for coming up with the National Development Plan (NDP); that his constituency is densely populated and called on Government for Nawec to reduce fees especially the cost of utility services.

The Member for Upper Niumi Omar Darboe, talked about Golden Lead Company on whose issue he said Government should intervene. The member also alleged that the Gambia Groundnut Corporation (GGC) deals with middle men who go to Senegal to buy groundnut and resell it to the Corporation, leaving Gambian Farmers in limbo; that Upper Nuimi, an area that has many heritage and tourist attractions, lacks good roads coupled with insufficient supply of electricity in the area.

The MP for Bakau Assan Touray expressed concern on the condition of the Bakau Fishing Center and called on Government to intervene.

Alajie Jawara, the Member for Brikama North said the condition of the drainage in Brikama town needs improvement to allow the flow of water with ease. He called on Government to provide security during political rallies and tours in order to avoid a similar clash as that of UDP and APRC in Busumbala.

The Member for Sandu Muhammed Mahanera, also talked about climate change and environmental protection and called on the Ministry of Agriculture to act earnestly, in order to buy the groundnut produced by local farmers.

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