Every election period is a time for reckoning, a time when elected officials have to account for their decisions and actions or lack of them.

A person elected president is entrusted with the resources of the nation in order to utilize those resources in the service of the people. Hence the president will have to account for all the resources he/she has tapped and how they were utilized for the benefit of the people. In short, he/she will have to account for what prosperity has been gained, and how the liberty and dignity of the people have been defended.

On one hand the ruling party is busy talking about the great strides that have been made (whether credible or not) while in power. Opposition parties on the other hand are expected not to merely condemn the defects of the ruling party but to offer solutions, to demonstrate that the best of the ruling party is not good enough and that the situation demands change. They should explain to the people concrete plans to transform their lives from misery to prosperity and from captivity to liberty and dignity.

Meanwhile, the battle for the hearts and minds of the people has therefore begun.


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