Sunday, August 18, 2019

DEATH IN EGYPT: This Is Not Islamic Teaching


In Sinai, Egypt, 305 Muslims lost their lives, 29 of whom are children and 128 people are now suffering from gun shots. Their only crime was to assemble to pray in a mosque. Those who perpetrate the act would also classify themselves as Muslims.

Earlier this month, 26 people were killed while attending Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. 20 others were wounded. Their only crime was to assemble and pray in a Church.

The act of killing innocent people is neither an Islamic nor a Christian practice.

How young people are being brought up should be a matter of concern for humanity at large, no matter where we reside. How are those people brought up to have the heart to take a gun to shoot innocent human beings, even children and then go home without their conscience revolting against them, leading them to have sleepless nights for the rest of their lives. How could anyone enjoy relation with one’s wife and children after having sent the wives and children of others to the grave?

A world without men and women of conscience is a jungle where brutes survive by feeding on the flesh of the innocent. Such a world is not fit for human survival. Men and women of conscience should stand together to educate the young to have conscience and build a world fit for all to live in peace and prosperity.

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