It is common for a human being to pretend to have supernatural powers to take or give life. The real fact is that no human being has the supernatural power to give or take life.

In cultures which are humane all members of the community will treasure life and will not hate a person to such a level that one would wish him or her to be dead. In cultures where evil still prevails some would pretend to have supernatural powers to take life.

In actual fact they develop secret societies where some develop specialisation in poisoning targeted individuals after they are threatened by those who want to see them dead. This art of killing people and even offering them for human sacrifice is developed to such a sophisticated level that the common people become mesmerised.

We should therefore work to build a society that will protect the most precious possession of the human being, that is, human life. We are therefore each other’s keeper and none should ever take pride in claiming to have the capacity to take human life.

After all the death will come to us all, sometimes when we least expect it. When it comes, may it find us on the side of justice and truth and we shall endure for eternity.


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