By Mustapha Jallow The dealers in cattle and small ruminants near the cashew trees in Abuko have finallyDemolished structures at Abuko ‘daral’ been evicted from the place as a consequence of a release from the president’s office on Thursday, 28 May 2015, ordering for their removal by Sunday 31 May. Following the announcement of the 72 hours’ notice given to them, the dealers, who sell both livestock and meat just opposite the abbatoir, appealed to the authorities to reconsider the decision and allow them to continue with their operations. Some of them told Foroyaa that their operations have been very helpful to customers as they sell life animals and make meat available, especially when there is high demand during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadam and the feasts of ‘Koriteh’ and ‘Tobaski’. They even indicated that they have been very supportive to government by supplying animals on credit for official events and some of which they claim have not been paid yet. When this reporter visited the place on Monday, 1 June, he observed that the area was cleared as the former occupants were busy packing their personal belongings in the presence of armed personnel from the Police Intervention Unite (PIU. Alhaji Kebba Jobe, the President of Abuko daral, told this reporter that he was called on the phone to come to the police where he met 3 senior officers who told him that they (dealers) should immediately move out of the place (‘daral’) before 2pm on Monday. “I asked them where we should be moving to, they told me that we should go together to see the director of the Abuko abattoir,” he said. He said when they accompanied him to the director to request for a place for relocation, they were finally allowed to stay inside the abattoir. Foroyaa will contact the Food Safety and Quality Authority on the issue.  ]]>

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