Sunday, August 18, 2019

Dead Bodies From The Diaspora


It is a common saying that each human being should be one’s brother’s or sister’s keeper. This is true of Mr Njie who has taken the initiative to accompany the deceased Gambians all the way from Italy to their home country to be laid to rest. Such a person should be honoured by the state and given an award.

This would encourage more people to look after their kind in a foreign land. The state should pay more attention to the issue of migration. The existing projects are not curbing migration.

The approaches are becoming more sophisticated. The places of transit are becoming more isolated. Hence reduction would be replaced by an increment tomorrow once the places of transit are truly tested and found to be suitable places to use as a bridgehead to move into Europe.

The states of the countries of origin, transit and destination should make it their pre-occupation to study the problem of migration entirely and come up with realistic solutions rather than just wish washing the problem and coming up with policies that are not well thought out.

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