By Mustapha Jallow

Police have charged the long serving former prisons Commissioner David Colley, with abuse of office and conspiracy to commit murder on Monday 19th March 2018, police spokesperson said.

According to Superintendent David Kujabi, Colley has been granted bail in the afternoon and couldn’t confirm whether the former prisons Commander has appeared before a Court of competent jurisprudence. ‘‘If he has been charged, he may likely have been taken to court. That I can confirm to you,’’ he explained.

It was reported recently that the former director general of the Gambia Prison Service (GPS), was on Thursday 15th March 2018, re-arrested and detained at Police Headquarters in Banjul, over allegations of the mysterious death of Baba Jobe.

He was briefly held at Kairaba Police station and apparentlytaken to the Headquarters in Banjul.

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