In 2013, the Gambia allocated D1,583.117 Million Dalasi to embassies for theNeneh Macduol Gaye
welfare of Gambians abroad and refugees. 2.525,000 Dalasi was
allocated in 2014, while D2,425,000 Dalasi was allocated for 2015.
These sums were distributed to embassies and high commissions in
Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, London,Belgium, Washington, Paris, Taiwan, Morocco, Cuba, Mauritania, UAE,
Ethiopia, Qatar, India, Venezuela,  Spain, Turkey, South Africa and

The sums allocated per annum per embassy ranges from 26000 Dalasi to7 Million Dalasi.
For example, the embassy in Guinea Bissau received D26 000
in 2013; 50,000 Dalasi in 2014 and 50,000 Dalasi in 2015. Taipei
received 7 Million Dalasi in 2013.
Embassies should have records of all Gambian citizens resident in a
particular country, develop contacts with them, take note of all
Gambians who are victimised or are in problem with the law, visit them
in their places of detention, provide them with some provisions, link
them to their families at home and ensure that they are subjected to
due process.
We know for a fact that just next door in Dakar, Gambians are
languishing in prison without any visits from the embassy officials to
inquire about their welfare. How is the welfare fund allocated to them
being used?     Is it that the sums are inadequate? They should then request for more funds to perform their duties.

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