Sunday, July 21, 2019



The flurry of activities in preparation for the 6 April 2017 National Assembly elections is growing at a rapid pace.

The opposition parties comprising the APRC and the GDC are moving about the country in preparation for the first National Assembly Elections, contesting as opposition parties.

The Coalition comprising eight stakeholders (seven political parties and one independent political aspirant, two independent national assembly members and representatives of two civil society groups) have been holding consultative meetings at the national grassroots level in order to come up with the modalities of selecting candidates to contest elections.

The electorate is yet to be given the names of all the contestants. There is general anxiety among the electorate on how the coalition candidates will finally be selected. All stakeholders have something to gain by adopting the right tactics and something to lose by adopting the wrong tactics.

The decision of the leaders should commensurate with the aspirations of the voters, otherwise voter apathy shall be the ultimate outcome.

Decisions are viable if they bound by a sense of purpose and direction. The purpose of a governing political entity is to win enough seats in the legislature in order to be able to carry out promised constitutional and legal reforms. The public is anxiously waiting for the decision of the leaders.


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