Trials of alleged perpetrators of crimes under the Jammeh administration have held sway even before the establishment of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission. Now more trials of such alleged perpetrators are on the way.

The goal of the truth commission is healing of the wound; by bringing the victim and the perpetrator together not to have a cup of tea but for the perpetrator to bow down and accept guilt and for the victim at the same to be willing to forgive even though he/she may not forget. The victim may feel fulfilled even though the perpetrator has received lesser punishment that does not commensurate with the crime committed (perhaps a public apology). Through this process the truth surfaces and the healing process is facilitated.

In a trial, whether true or false, the defendant does all he/she can to hide the truth to save himself/herself from severe punishment because justice is applied in accordance with the law, eg. death penalty or life imprisonment for murder.  

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