specialised in Research and other institutions which are commercially oriented. A state in today’s world could only respond to the demands of sustainable development if it provides a friendly environment for investment and knowledge production. Hence, it should not allow laws, institutional regulations or subjective security concerns to hinder inquiries into, collection of data and the publication of findings and conclusions which merit intellectual interest and policy concerns. It should be a matter of pride for the University of the Gambia to have its former students and current employees identified and engaged for knowledge production. This exposes them to international standards and best prepare them to impart more refined knowledge in research methods to students. It is rather unfortunate that recent happenings are presenting the country as a hostile environment to those who wish to develop partnership in market research. This image needs immediate healing if it is to be prevented from extending to other sectors. The legal provisions are there to act if the political will exists to do so. The future is there to tell the story and Foroyaa will provide the pages, the pen and the ink. Posterity will pass its judgment.]]>

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