We will instead focus on the unconstitutionality of sending the Secretary  General or any Minister to represent the President at the National Assembly. Section 77 Subsection 3 states: “The Vice President shall answer in the National Assembly for matters affecting the President, and the President shall be entitled to send a message to the National Assembly to be read on his or her behalf by the Vice President.” Hence it is mandatory for the Vice President to answer to any matter affecting the President in the National Assembly or bring any matter from the President to the National Assembly. It is very common for people to say that there is no constitution since it is being honoured with disregard. People should start calling a spade a spade. Impunity is an easy way to cover up incompetence. Any Government which cannot abide by its own constitution must be deemed to be incompetent. That incompetence must be exposed in all fora as evidence that it is unfit to govern. This is the way to curb impunity. Foroyaa will not be found wanting in this regard.]]>

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