Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Could The Minister Of Regional Government Explain What Is Happening At Ngayen Sancha Malick Village? Zero Tolerance for Politicisation of the Alkaloship


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It is not clear why the Alkalo of Ngayen Sancha Malick has been handed a letter removing him from his Alkaloship. Alkalolu and Seyfolu cannot be removed from office without cause as stipulated by law. The Local Government Act is very clear on why an Alkalo could be removed from office. Section 145 of the Local Government Act stipulates,

“An Alkalo may be removed from office by the Secretary of State on the grounds –

(a) Of misconduct or incompetence; or

(b) Of inability to perform the functions of his or her office for any cause whether arising from infirmity of mind or body or otherwise.”

Foroyaa will review this case when all the facts are gathered and approach the minister for an explanation.

Finally, all position holders should know their rights under the law and be ready to approach the courts for the defence of their rights in a new Gambia. This is the only way to know whether justice will be done and be seen to be done in the new Gambia.

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