The interesting thing however is that all those who rely on such means end up in the grave like everybody else. None could live for eternity, thus begging the question whether the successes of those who resort to such inhumane acts are not merely transforming chance into self proclaimed prophecy. A humane society must put human life above wealth and power and must not do anything to violate the dignity and worth of the human person, whether alive or dead. The recent crisis in Mali is a teacher. Gambians had seen Malian hunters doing what appeared to be supernatural feats. However, when Mali was occupied by Ansarudeen and the Tuareg secessionists, they were not able to utilise their supernatural means to save Mali until the French forces intervened by relying on military power rather than supernatural means. Africans should learn that greater security and prosperity would never be engendered by inhumane and degrading acts. Whenever we find ourselves temporary secure and prosperous after conducting inhuman acts, we should attribute it to chance and nothing more. No nation could be secure and prosperous by using human bones and parts as an avenue to gain power or wealth.]]>

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