Sunday, August 18, 2019

Construction Continues as Security Intensifies at Reserved Land


By Yankuba Jallow

Kololi & Bakoteh reserved land

Construction at the Kololi/Bakoteh reserved land continues as reinforcement of security personnel on the site increases.

This reporter, yesterday visited the site and saw that the construction of the fence was ongoing, the security was reinforced and the playground destroyed by the heavy machinery that was seen deployed on the ground. Construction workers can be seen on the site doing normal work. There was no presence of youth or protester (s) at the site.

The fencing commenced last Thursday after the show of force of the Police Intervention Unit, (PIU). Construction work such as moulding of cement blocks and digging of gutters were the current activities going on at the site.

On the vandalised football pitch caused by the heavy machinery, big gutters were dug across. The security force officials could be seen sitting underneath a tree at the north-eastern side in their uniforms and riot gears. Some of the residents who spoke to this reporter indicated that the land was reserved and there was a sign showing this; that government should have used it for the interest of the communities of the area and not for individual or institutional interest.

They all decried that their children have no place for recreation because the sole land identified has been sold.

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