Citizens who are interested in becoming National Assembly candidates are becoming more confused as the coalition remains silent on who could become Coalition candidate and under what umbrella he or she should stand.

There are seven parties and one independent aspirant in the Coalition plus two Independent National Assembly members.

The party stakeholders and the Independent aspirant have taken posts in the executive. Only the PDOIS has been informing its supporters that its executive members will be participating in the national assembly elections.

The Coalition must understand that the legislature is as important as the executive and they should not wait until the last minute and start rushing.

If they do so many people who are not affiliated to political parties may seize the ground only to cause more confusion to the electorate when Coalition candidates appear. The people need to know who to vote for and under what ticket at least no later than the end of this week. After the 18 February 2017 the country should gear up for elections.

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