But the situation regarding arrests and detention give us a different signal. Impunity still prevails as the president threatens long jail terms. Arrests and detention without trial continue contrary to the requirement of the constitution that any detained person shall be brought before a court within 72 hours or be released with or without bail. Haruna Gassama, Seedy Jaiteh and Sheriff Faye are still held in detention beyond 72 hours without trial. There has been no pronouncement regarding the disappearance of Chief Manneh,  Haruna Jammeh, Masireh Jammeh, Modou Lamin Nyassi, Jasarja Kujabis, Buba Sanyang, the Americans, Lamin Tunkara and Kanyiba Kanyi, Omar Lowe, among others. The media is still denied coverage of courts-martial, thereby keeping the public in the dark as to the fairness of the trial and contrary to constitutional requirements that court proceedings shall be held in public. Even finding out what the charges are from the armed forces headquarters is like searching for gold. It goes without say no leader has moral authority to indict others of colonial domination and oppression if he/she deprives the people of freedom and rules with impunity.]]>

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