By Fatoumatta K Jallow The collection of the garbage in the vicinity of the Wellingara market and schools which had blocked the passage through someWellingara garbage incomplete streets is still incomplete. Collection of the rubbish which posed a threat to public health by the Brikama Area Council started in earnest on 2 September 2015 but it was discontinued until Sunday when not so much was done. As it stands almost half of the waste at the site has been collected but there was no collection on Monday. The care takers at the schools said the collectors were there on Sunday but they collected a small quantity of rubbish and then left. They said the area is getting dirtier because when the collectors collect the rubbish a lot of rubbish is littered around and they (the caretakers) would have to do the cleaning for them to have access to the schools. They appealed to the council to expedite the collection. “We are pleading to the area council to help us collect the waste as soon as possible as we can contract diseases from it. The odour is very foul. They promised to come on Monday but we have not seen them yet, and as you can see most of the waste at the rubbish dump is still here.”]]>

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