Sunday, August 25, 2019



The burning issue of the day in political circles is the debate on coalition among the opposition. Many people are giving the impression that the vast majority of voters who are ready to vote for the opposition are calling for a coalition.

The media is engaging the leaders so that they could explain their parties’ position on coalition building. So far the NCP and PDOIS have taken concrete position on how to build a coalition. The NRP has promised to send its proposal to the alliance formed by the opposition. The UDP is engaged in consultation and the rest of the parties are also getting ready to put their position across. Foroyaa will continue to publish the views as they are made.

September will be a decisive month and it is important that the views of the political parties on how to build a coalition are known to everyone. The only way to prevent the public from being caught by surprise is for each to make its position public so that the voters will be able to determine the best option for the opposition.

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