Sunday, August 25, 2019

Coalition 2016 Gets Cold Feet?


2nd December, 2018 has passed without any commemoration. 19th January 2019 followed without any commemoration. The anniversary of the impasse has also passed without any commemoration.

No one is talking about Coalition 2016. The political map is being redrawn; the president is building new partnership to execute his political agenda.

Dismissed Ministers are being recalled to be advisers. Prominent figures from the political divide are building up a movement claiming to be nonpartisan but fully committed to the Barrow administration. Sour relation appears to be building up with other political interest groups. The political situation provides a fertile field for political analysis.

Will he or will he not continue up to the five years and beyond. Speculation is rife. Foroyaa will continue to emphasise that the change of 2nd December, 2016 cemented the authority of the Gambian people to determine their manner of government. Hence people should focus on the essence of the change and foster an understanding of its meaning. It would then become clear that sooner or later the people will take charge of their destiny and will be able to contain any person from becoming a self-perpetuating ruler.

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