Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cleansing Exercise At Old Yundum Market Dumpsite


By Louise Jobe

Brukama Area Council in collaboration with Alsama Youth Organisation embarked on a set_ setal at the Old Yundum Market ( Coastal_ Road) to address the garbage issue.

The waste issue has been a concern to the community for few years and the community were living in a bad condition of sanitation .

Mr. Sherrifo Sonko chairman of Brianna Area Council speaking on behalf of the council said this wastes found here is just a heart breaking issue, as a council what should be done now is to fully embark on sensitising the public on proper waste management methods, because the council alone cannot do it without involving the people.

He also said that people should change their habit the way they throw waste, as you can see they throw rubbishes on the school road and causing problem to students and passer bye.

Brikama Area Council did not have a Caterpillar neither a shovel to Carry out these activities unless we have to hire a shovel to remove these waste. It cost the council about D30,000 to D40,000 for these shovel, Mr. Sonko said that he would like to urge the community to also give support and contribute towards the better sanitation and keeping clean of the environment, because it will not be sustainable even if we will be doing this weekly and the people keep throwing waste every day.

He said he cannot sit down and Waite but to come and join the community and Alsama Youth Organisation cleaning exercise at Old Yundum market dumping sites ,now that some parts of the greater area is clean, ” I am urging the people not to throw waste around the clean area “.

And that he would also appeal to the public and others that may support to finish the remained area ( unclean) when the raining season is minimal.

Sonko said right now this market is under the management and responsibility of the community, not yet handed over to Brikama area council and had one time advised the market management committee to write a letter officially to B. A. C for registration so that the council can properly take their stand.

Mr. Sakou Drammeh the secretary of Alsama Youth Organisation in remarks said that Alsama Youth Organisation was esterblished in June 2016 in old yundum. The main aim and objective of the organisation is to empower youth and community development, and create development for their communities.

He also said that Alsama Youth Organisation as the main initiator of the event, have invited all the stakeholders of the market.

Alfusaine Jallow the secretary of the market community said that the main stakeholders Brikama Area council has take there stands to the maximum by providing all what it take to make the event successful. And that all the top brass of the council were present at the exercise and their presence was very motivating.

The market committee and the V. D. C were also present and they played a very significant role in the event.

Mr. Jallow said since the cleaning exercise did not finish the garbage, we are on the mobilisation of resources to stage another exercise to make the market garbage free and a proper waste management plan.

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