Friday, July 19, 2019

Claiming The Divine Right To Rule


In the past, when monarchs rule and pass on their throne to their children, their subjects accepted. The subjects were made to believe that their blood was that of royalty and that their bloodline was anointed by a god. This was called the divine right to rule.

As it became clear to human beings that there was nothing like a royal blood and royals were ordinary human beings who are regarded to be above other human beings as a result of war of conquest and subjugation, rebellions against monarchies intensified. Eventually the monarchical system went out of fashion. The subjects became free and became empowered to choose their manner of government.

Hence sons and daughters of farmers, workers and the poor could become presidents and ministers. The people do not elect kings. They elect representatives.

The fact that one among a million could emerge as president is miraculous just as one person becomes a millionaire after millions purchase lottery tickets. It is symbolism to say that the million dalasi lottery earning is favoured by god. To the believer with a faith happenings are generally attributed to god. However no farmer will be given seeds to select only to choose the bad ones for his or her farm. Clearly, such a farmer could not be expected to reap a bumper harvest by sowing the bad seeds and praying to god for them to germinate and earn him or her abundance for that cropping season.

Once people are given the brains to determine right and wrong in choosing their leaders they should stop blaming god for putting leaders in office that they would continue to criticise for failing them.

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