By Mustapha Jallow

Alhagie Sering Faye, the Chairperson of the National Council for Civic Education (NCCE), has on Wednesday December 26th 2018, urged Gambians to empower the NCCE in the proposed new Constitution to ensure they are provided with enough vehicles, regional officers and other logistics, to make their work easier.

Faye made these remarks in Tallinding, during the ongoing campaign to seek the opinion of citizens on what they want in their new Constitution. The outreach was conducted by officials from the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) and NCCE.

According to Faye, the NCCE’s activities emphasize the participation of the citizenry, their understanding of democracy, peace-building and non-violence, national unity and discipline. He said their intention on community engagement is to enhance public awareness; that citizens should consider civic educators during their face-face with CRC Commissioners so that their concerns can be captured.

He suggested for citizens to empower the NCCE for Government to equip them with enough materials such as vehicles, officers and funds if they want to be informed more on the governance of their country.

“Most of our vehicles are old and the current Government provided us with only one vehicle, which makes our work difficult. You the people, can empower the NCCE in the new Constitution, to take our work at the highest level,’’ he said.

He said funding for their work is not much to do radio and Tv programs alongside; that these are not free for them and are expensive as well. Faye said such communication platforms should be made free for the NCCE just like it is done to other institutions. He concluded by calling on the citizenry to respond positively to the CRC call for engagement, by coming forward and showing the willingness to listen to them and to contribute their ideas, suggestions and view-points in front of the Commissioners.

The Alkalo of Tallinding urged people to unite as one and prepare themselves for the CRC delegation.

“It is your responsibility as Councilors to make sure that your areas are well informed and attentive during the meeting with the consultative team,’’ he told the Councilors at the gathering.

Tambong Bojang called on her fellow women to come out with their ideas and contributions to empower women, when the CRC delegation arrives. A former Councilor of Bakau Abdoulie M. Jallow, urged the CRC Commissioners not to be in a haste to leave their area; that the consultation is very important for them. Jallow said the proposed new Constitution will be for posterity because it is created by the people; that people should demand for an extension of the CRC’s time as ‘what’ is given to them is exhausted and they are not ready.

Kebba Jammeh of New-Jeshwang asked officials of the CRC/NCCE whether they will provide them the means such as vehicles, for them to go around and spread or inform the people of Jeshwang/Ebo Town about the proposed consultation.

“Using this channel will make and allow them spread the message to others very fast, if not we will find it difficult to inform others,’’ he suggested.

Aja Bintou Marong said New Jeshwang/Ebo-Town is not divided by politics; that they have put behind their political differences and now live in unity. “We will continue to live in peace within ourselves because we do not have political divisions here. With unity we can move the country forward,’’ she told the delegation.

Others people who spoke at the Sukuta, Wellingara, Old Yundum, and Bundung gatherings, expressed similar remarks on the proposed new Constitution.

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