By Mustapha Jallow

The NCCE civic education officer in his deliberation in Basse again reiterated the advice that citizens should take the constitutional review process positively. He emphasised that they are engaged in a civic campaign which is nonpartisan.

It was observed that the turn in the town of Basse was low.

In his short words, Alpha Barry, a petty trade said he did not show up as he thought the meeting was political. He added that he doesn’t want to be involved in any political party

CRC civic education officer commented on the low turn-out and women not participating in the constitutional making process

Madam Saffiatou Savage-Sidibeh, the Civic Education Officer from the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), has on Tuesday said that the participation of women in most communities has been very low, especially those in the Upper River Region.

According to her the participation of women in national development is crucial, especially on an important issue such as the development of ‘our national constitution’’.

She expressed the need for all Gambians to come up with their opinions raised in the issues document which is being circulated to facilitate the drafting of the new Constitution.

“I urge all women across the country to let their voices be heard and fully participate in this constitutional review process. It is not only for us as mothers but for our children and grandchildren,’’ she stated.

Madam Savage-Sidibeh said that it is important for all as a nation especially women to participate since ‘we have a key role to play in this.’ She added that every citizen, men, women, young and old should feel proud to be associated in the development of the Gambia’s New Constitution.

“If we miss this opportunity, we as mothers might live to regret it because we might see in the coming future that our aims and aspirations are not highlighted. We’ve seen that women are  very vulnerable in the sense that there are lots of things affecting them, health wise, land ownership, access to farm implements to name a few’’ she added .

“Women know their problems, so they should   come out and add it to the issues. If it is not reflected in the issues document, let them bring it out for the benefit of their children, grandchildren and their own benefit,’’ she explained.

 She reiterated the fact women that developing a constitution are not easy and it takes ages before another one is developed.  She therefore urged all Gambians to participate fully in the Constitutional review process.

Inclusion, she said that the CRC is an independent body pursuant to the Constitutional Review Commission Act, 2017.  In carrying out its work, she said the CRC is not subject to the direction or control of any person or authority.

“As an institution, it is guided by the following core values: Inclusiveness, independence, integrity and participation,’’ she informed.

Similar message was made at Sabi in URR-South by civic education officers whereby there lighted them about the work of NCCE/CRC and their mission.

Moreover residence also put forward their questions and expressed some viewpoints and comments.

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