Friday, July 19, 2019

Chinese Factory Asked to Cease Operation


By Mustapha Jallow

Infinity New Energy Enterprise (INEE), a Chinese factory which has been operating at Nyambai Forest for a year now, has been asked to cease operation by the authorities as Police continue their investigation into their activities.

Waste product outside the factory

According to a staff at the said factory, some senior personnel of the Interpol Unit of the Police, officials of the National Environmental Agency and Immigration respectively have visited the factory. He said the factory was inspected and one of the proprietors; a lady was also questioned by these investigators.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, (ASP) Lamin Njie has confirmed that Police investigators have recently visited the factory. He promised that the Police will update the public on their findings as soon as they finish their investigation into the matter

“The Police were there on fact-finding mission, but we might not be able to go into details because this fact-finding is yet to be completed,’’ he said.

“I am made to understand from the investigators that the factory is not operating as at now until the investigators are done with their fact-finding mission at the said factory,’’ he said.

This reporter revisited the factory at its Nyambai premises on Friday, but the Chinese lady who promised to get in touch with her lawyer before granting this medium an interview, could not be reached for her side of the story as workers at the site said the woman is not in a position to talk to the press because she had already spoken to the Police.

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