By Yankuba Jallow

The Chief Justice of The Gambia, Hassan B. Jallow, has presided over the introductory ceremony for the newly appointed judges of the superior courts of The Gambia.

Speaking at the occasion, Chief Justice Jallow said the Judges were selected based on the qualities they have manifested in the judicial system of the country. He added that among the qualities included their wisdom, understanding of the Laws and the zeal they can provide for the new job.

“Do not forget your core mandate. To deliver quality justice,” he tasked the appointees.

He advised them to uphold the principle of justice and for them to deliver justice speedily and observe the Laws.

“We have to make sure that we avoid all deviations in our judicial system,” he told them.

The Honourable Judicial Secretary, Landing Sanneh, said the persons appointed as judges in the superior courts are individuals with great knowledge and experience.

“We don’t doubt their competence and we are certain that they will deliver as expected,” he told the gathering.

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Aboubakar Tambadou said since the new Government took over, they have appointed 12 judges, adding that they will continue to encourage qualified and competent Gambians at the Bar, to join the bench. He told the gathering that since he took over his office, he had instructed all criminal case files to be given to state counsels in order for them to make a speedy trial over all those cases. He promised that his office will continue to quest for reform and capacity building in order to build a vibrant legal system for the country. He told members of the Bar that his ministry has extended its hands to them in order to collaborate and ensure that quality justice is delivered at all levels.

Rachel Y. Mendy, the President of the Bar Association called on the bench and the bar to build a strong cordial relationship. Shee also made similar remarks as the Minister of Justice and called on the freedom of the press in order to fulfil their constitutional mandate; that this is the only way to hold the Government to account.

Justice Awa bah, is said to be the first female president of the Gambia Court of Appeal. She said that she was humbled to be appointed as the new President of the Gambia Court of Appeal and promised to keep up to the oaths that she had earlier taken.

“I will make sure justice is delivered in a timely and efficient manner,” she said.

Justice Haddy Cecilia Roche on behalf of the new judges of the Gambia Court of Appeal said they will ensure that there is full cooperation between the litigants.

The New Judges for the Gambia Court of Appeal are Justice Awa Bah as President, Basiru V.P. Mahoney, Kumba Silla-Camara and Haddy Cecilia Roche whislt for the High Court they are Justices Ebrima Jaiteh, Buba Jawo, Sainabou Wadda Cisse and Zainab Jawara Alami.

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