Friday, July 19, 2019

Chaos In The Bread Market


A system is not overhauled overnight. It takes years to rebuild and must take tact to be changed without negative implications. The public is interested in bread of nutritious value, adequate size at affordable prices. Its accessibility must also be guaranteed. The production depends on the bakeries.

Unsold bread at a modern bakery

Over the years, accessibility has depended on the ‘bikers’. Hence a production and distribution chain enabling thousands upon thousands of consumers to get fresh bread everyday has been proven to be efficient and effective.

The problem is not production or distribution. The problem is affordability. To try to amputate the ‘bikers’ without an alternative distribution system is to make the consumers inconvenient and cut the bakers from their markets. This would introduce the problem of accessibility coupled with the problem of affordability. It is not how to solve a problem.

Foroyaa is currently receiving reports of poor sales by the bakers, shortage of bread in remote areas and dissatisfaction by consumers. A rethink of government policy is urgent.

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