After President Barrow revealed that he has awarded up to three hundred thousand dalasis to finance certain candidates in the 2017 elections the public has become curious on how the political parties belonging to the coalition finance their candidates during the National Assembly elections. For the sake of transparency and accountability, Foroyaa will contact the administrative secretaries of the parties that form the Coalition and the independent presidential aspirant to find out whether President Barrow did give them funds to finance their National Assembly Candidates as he claimed in a discussion with a group of elders from Kombo South.

Foroyaa will find out what the difference is between Coalition funding and funding by the President. Are they all the same? Did the parties rely entirely on such funding? Did they make public disclosure of what they received? Are the candidates aware? See next edition for answers to the big political question arising from President Barrow’s meeting with elders from Kombo South on 6 January 2019.

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