Tuesday, August 20, 2019



By Mustapha Jallow

Mr. BunjaNyassi, a ‘gele gele’ driver and resident of Bakoteh, was arrested by 2 men in plain clothes, who took him to the police headquarters in Banjul, where he has so far spent 4 days without access to his loved ones, according to his wife.

His wife, Kadijatou Gibba Nyassi walked into Foroyaa’s office yesterday, being accompanied by their daughter and son to report the arrest and detention of her husband since on Thursday, 2 February, 2017 around 11am, whom they couldn’t access.

‘‘Few minutes after my husband’s arrest, his apprentice rushed to our home and informed us that my husband was approached by two men in civilian clothes who took him to Bakoteh-Tippa garage police station, where he was briefly held before being later transported to the Police HQ in Banjul,’’ she said.

The apprentice who is an eyewitness stated that they loaded passengers at Gunjur and on their final arrival at Tippa-garage where passengers were dropped, 2 men asked his boss to hand over his ‘gele gele’ key and vehicle licence and go with them to the said station to which he (Bunja) complied with, but no reason was given for this action.

The wife said that they were denied access when they went to the police headquarters in Banjul. The police on duty told them ‘no communication with him’.

‘‘I come all the way to report the matter because he is our breadwinner and has a wife and young family and earns income from the vehicle which has been seized. We call on the new government that says such practice would not happen again to release our sole breadwinner immediately for the sake of his entire family,’’ she  concluded.

According to section 19 of the constitution, a detainee should be informed of the reason (s) of his/her arrest and given access to a lawyer within three hours; and if such detainee is not released within 72 hours he/she should be brought before a court of law.


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