Sunday, August 18, 2019

Building a Nation or Preparing For Election?


The Gambian people were promised that the change of 2016 will bring about national cohesion and a national drive to build a nation that all will be proud to call their own. Hope was kindled that partisan and ethno linguistic consideration would be put aside and egos suppressed to allow conscience and national interest to guide the words and deeds of the people.

The road was clear. We were to come together to build a republican constitution, an inclusive economy and society and foster national reconciliation so that no one will be left behind irrespective of gender, religion, physical disability, ethno linguistic consideration or any other status.

Now political parties are on the campaign trail. Political leaders are hitting each other below the belt. Religious, ethno linguistic tensions are increasing based on land disputes. Cast conflicts seem to be intensifying. Claims and counter claims regarding Jammeh’s departure with allegations made that of chest beating of different sides of the political spectrum. It is becoming confusing to many whether many people are ready for nation building or party or ego building. Apparently we are achieving the very opposite of what he had hoped to achieve two years after that historic day of change through the ballot box. It is time to rethink and decide which way forward for the homeland. Are you ready?

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