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By Saikou Suwareh Jabai Residents from the six adjoining streets in BrikamaMisira,who have been victims of flooding in recent years following the construction of the main highway, are appealing once again to the authorities to help them with a drainage system in the village.The inhabitants of the village are concern about the flooding of their homes and restricted movements in the streets, which is caused by the blockage of the water ways by the newly constructed road. This has prompted the Village Development Committee (VDC) to appeal for the construction of a drainage system to avert the potential of flooding and facilitate free movement. Chairperson of the committee, Jim Danjo, speaking to this reporter at his residence on Friday, 14 August 2015, said the present condition of the streets are appallingand a cause for concern for the VDC, in particular, and the community, in general, as it is affecting their movements to access places, including the main mosque, and transport goods. “The VDC has been embarking on rehabilitation work on the streets since 2008 but is yet to find a lasting solution to the blockage caused by the construction of the main highway which is preventing the easy flow of water through the settlement,” he said. Chairman Danjo saidalthough at one point the Area Council and the VDC acquired some gravel but that they still need more to fix the problem. He added that the people of Misira always pay their taxes without default. He said the VDC Scribe, as directed by of their executive, had written to the Area Council last year, through the Ward Councilor,requesting for gravel to work the streets but they have not yet received it. He called on the local administrators to take up the issue as a matter of urgency and come to the aid as there is a looming danger of flooding repeating again as was the case in last few years after the construction of the main highway. The VDC spokesperson and vice chairperson both re-echoed similar concerns and appealing for help from the relevant authorities.]]>

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