Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Brikama Market Committee Want ‘Wanterr’ Abolished


By Louise Jobe

Members of the Brikama Market Committee have written to the Chairperson of the Brikama Area Council asking for the Council to abolish ‘wanterr’.

The letter indicated that during the last feast of ‘Ramadan’ vendors and ram owners always had confrontation which had negatively impacted on the sales of the vendors. The letter requested for the Council to stop the forthcoming ‘Wanterr’ for the ‘Tobaski’ feast.

“The reason we ask for this is because many businessmen have ordered goods from Dakar as well other businessmen also do come with the same product and sell it at a lower price to customers whilst they do not have shops/stalls. You cannot have your shop/stall and pay all dues including GRA tax, licence, rates and monthly rental fee, and after all this you won’t enjoy the market,” the letter indicated.

The Committee alleged that the people who do ‘wanterr’ do not have regard for the market because they will make the market dirty and their tables will be so placed that they block the passage of people and vehicles.

They urged the Council to immediately act on their plea.

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