The Senegalese and Gambian people are destined to live as neighbours because of historical realities which enabled two colonial powers to demarcate the borders to create two colonies which later became independent Gambia and Senegal.

The people at the border areas generally share the same way of life and have different forms of relations or ties, including family ties. It is also not uncommon for the inhabitants of the area to disregard the borders and find farmland, goods and services across borders. Currently, some of the border areas are not properly delineated.

People to people relationships have largely prevented conflicts. It is not uncommon to find village heads allowing people from across the border to cultivate farms in areas that lie under the jurisdiction of either country. The current tension in Jahanka Upper Fulladu West merits the invention of both governments to ensure its quick solution. Tension is brewing and it will get worse if farmers from Jahanka are band from cultivating land under Senegalese territory which used to be accessible to them. Those concerns appear very desperate.

The peaceful coexistence of both people constitute the cornerstone for maintaining security at the borders of the two countries. Foroyaa will continue to monitor developments and give early warning signals so that rapid action will be taken to contain the tension and roll it back to guarantee peace and security in the border area.

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